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About Anita Kelder

Anita Kelder (RMT, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Professional Birth Doula) has been a registered massage therapist since 2005 in good standing with NHPC Alberta massage governing body. She finished her yoga teacher training in 2004 from Prana Yoga School in Vancouver. As a birth doula she has been guiding & supporting birthing families since training in 2013 with Dona International and learning advanced body balancing techniques with various midwives. Anita is also a mother of two children and can be found playing in the mountains with them. Her passion for birth, babies and empowering women during the dynamic adventure of pregnancy and birth inspires her to continue to pursue advanced education in pre and post natal care, and in the near future, pediatrics care.


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  • Pre & Post Natal Massage

  • Anita has a wonderful pregnancy table that allows the mother to be massaged in a face down position. This allows for the pressure of the growing baby to be taken off of the mother's muscles and ligaments, giving her body the chance to completely relax. An evaluation will take place prior to the massage to understand the mother's goals and needs for her changing body.

    A few common pregnancy issues that can be dealt with:

    • Sleep Issues
    • Tight broad & round ligaments
    • Sciatic Pain
    • Pelvic ligament pain
    • Relaxation
    • Myofascial Release

    After baby is born your body begins another transition. Massage provides relief for issues including:

    • postural change & soreness due to repetitive nursing hold
    • loose or tight ligaments
    • soft tissue soreness due to caesarean birth
    • help address pre-existing issues that resurface during pregnancy and birth.

  • Birth Doula Services

  • The addition of a doula to your birth team is invaluable to families no matter what kind of birth you have. Having the support of a trained birth care professional who is unwavering and unbiased can make both parents feel confident and at ease to help have a truly enjoyable birthing experience.

    Support includes:

    • Provide emotional support & physical comfort
    • Support families without judgment of the type of birth you want to achieve
    • Provide unbiased information as requested
    • Comfort measures through positive affirmation, massage and physical techniques
    • Identify labour patterns and how to help
    • Help with stalled labor due to baby positioning, tight ligaments/soft tissue, or mom's fear
    • Help the birth partner to be involved, and provide space when needing quiet moments together
    • Give the birth partner a break when needed, ensure they are comfortable and nourished
    • Encourage the mom and partner to work together during the labor process
    • Eye to eye contact during the transition stage of labour and birth, helping you to connect with your inner strength
    • Instill confidence in your innate ability to birth, nurse, and parent your baby
    Spinning Babies

  • Pre & Post Natal Yoga

  • Pre Natal Yoga

    Learn daily activities to balance your pregnant body to make space for your baby's best birth position. Each week, the first 30 minutes of the class will be dedicated to teaching you techniques for optimal fetal positioning and body balancing. These easy alignment exercises can be done at any stage of pregnancy AND throughout labour!

    The last 60 minutes of class will be a gentle flow that will incorporate the following:

    • Stretch and lengthen pertinent birthing muscles
    • free your sacrum and balance your pelvis, making wiggle room for baby
    • stabilize and tone your pelvis to balance uterine ligaments
    • soothe lower back and sciatic pain
    • tone your abdominal muscles to prevent abdominal separation and bladder leakage
    • relax and let go, connecting to your body and to baby
    • connect with a community of other moms!

    Post Natal Yoga

    Once you get the OK from your health care provider - generally six to eight weeks after birth. We will work through a sequenced flow that will address:

    • Weakened pelvic floor
    • Achy neck and shoulders
    • Endurance & fatigue
    • Weakened abdominals
    • If bringing babies (not yet crawling, please!) we will include poses to address upset stomach, colic, and long bouts of crying

  • Fetal Positioning Techniques

  • Balance in your body can start early in pregnancy:

    • Daily essentials to promote an anterior position for baby.
    • Weekly activities to add to the daily routine to avoid a posterior or breech position.

    Overdue & baby not engaged yet:

    • Techniques to help baby engage.

    Head down is not enough fetal repositioning can help with:

    • Posterior facing baby
    • Breech baby
    • Transverse baby
    • Oblique lie baby
    These techniques are booked separately for half hour or one hour treatments depending on your needs. Or, they can be added onto 1 hour or 90 minute prenatal massages for a total of a 1½ or 2 hour appointment.

    Also see our Easier Birth class, below.

    Spinning Babies

  • Easier Birth Parent Class

  • (can be booked as a private class as well)

    A childbirth preparation class for a more comfortable birth. This hands on partner class will help parents achieve a more comfortable pregnancy and birth with proven techniques that work!

    This class shows you how to:
    • Avoid unwanted caesarean surgery for lack of progress
    • Use of the Fantastic Four balancing activities for pregnancy and labor
    • Tips for flipping breech or transverse babies in pregnancy
    • Engage baby by early labor to shorten labor and avoid surgery
    • Overcome posterior or transverse arrest
    • Tell if labor is progressing normally or has a stall that you can resolve!

  • Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultant

  • Lactation consultants are professional breastfeeding specialists trained to support mothers in breastfeeding their babies. Many women experience breastfeeding challenges such as latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, or babies who aren't gaining weight. Lactation consultants can provide experienced and knowledgeable support in resolving these difficulties; as well as help women who need to return to work or school continue to meet their breastfeeding goals. This support can make a real difference for families during this important time. Please contact me for more information.

  • Blessing Way Facilitation

  • Anita will consult with the person who is holding the ceremony as to how it will best suit the mother to be. Anita will gather what is needed and lead the ceremony for the blooming mother with all of her loved ones around in support & strength.

    A Blessing Way was traditionally a Navajo Ritual, designed to empower the mother-to-be for her journey of birthing and motherhood. In modern times, this beautiful Ritual has been adapted as an alternative to, or component of, a baby shower. Contact me for more information.

Birth Doula, Massage, and Fetal Positioning packages are available, please enquire for more information!


"For my first pregnancy, I didn't have a doula, and had big difficulties during the delivery due to a posterior fetal position. I had had no idea that such a thing could cause issues ... I thought if the baby was head down, all was good. For my second pregnancy, I wanted to avoid the same issues so when I found out about Anita and her work with Spinning Babies, I was ecstatic. Working with Anita, I learned about fetal position and how to determine it based on my tummy shape and fetal movements. Sure enough, I was feeling Baby spending more and more time posterior ... Anita came to my home in Hinton to help me do some exercises, and by the time she left, my belly had completely changed shape and I could feel the movements indicating the ideal position. Success!! In my final trimester, her massages helped ease my aches and pains so that I could actually get some sleep at night. During delivery, Anita was also essential -- it was so comforting to have her around. She helped my husband help me. I would not go through pregnancy, labour & delivery again without her support :) "
~ Teara

"Anita's knowledge and her well-rounded education in various areas of the birthing field eased my fears about trusting someone outside of the Western medical field for the birth of my first child. In addition to all of these things, her compassion, her caring and professionalism brought me back to her for the birth of my second child. Anita was there to make me as comfortable as possible and to help me have the healthiest births possible, within my circumstances. Anita was there for my husband when he was unsure of his role or what was happening at the moment. She was there for both of us and we can't thank her enough."
~ Lena

"As Anita is also a birth doula and RMT, it was a no brainer to do my pre and postnatal yoga sessions with her. Not only did the prenatal yoga classes feel great on my body, it also helped prepare me both physically and mentally for child birth. The postnatal Mom and Baby yoga was a perfect opportunity for me to slowly ease back into exercise, learn massage and yoga for my baby, and spend time with new moms. I enjoyed these sessions so much that I would drive from Hinton to Jasper every week to be in Anita's classes."
~ Tracy


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